Saturday, 22 October 2011

Imbasan Kenangan lalu

Assalamualaikum ..
Hope all are in good health always ... today, I want  share about my sweet moments in form 6..

21. October 2011, the date which means in my life ... This date was the most sweet memories in the year 2011.  Graduation ceremony last Night in Cititel Hotel, Penang.

my club, “ Kelab Pemimpin rakan Muda “... 
get the best stalls on the day of the champion in the curriculum. 

try to find me  in this picture… hihi

During study in form 6, many experiences and memorable that I walk through ...

the relationship remains close even if different people, races and religions

Study Form 6 here so enjoy.  Many people do not want to continue study in form 6 because they think form 6 is not best. can't enjoyy ... the subjects are difficult ...   and most are not best have to wear school uniform.

"alaa xbest la cam budak2 skola, x macho la..xboleh brgaya pulak tu"
"form 6 ni mmbazir masa je la kalau gagal.."

This word I always hear especially from boys.. so, I very respect boys who study in form 6...  It is hard to find ...

Actually what they think is wrong. 


This school was the best school for students form 6 ...  If I want a story all my experience here will not be depleted ...   
Only I can deduce 4 word which is  B.E.S. T ...

This is a t-shirt form 6 designed by students. This shirt that we can wear  in class. Colour blue mixed white. Is very beautiful.. 

1..2..3.. SNAP !!

studying in form 6 is not always depressed and stress.  many activities and programmes be arranged the school for students ...

in addition, Apart from the activities organised, able to foster relationships between students and teachers is made up of various ethnic groups, races and religions ...

study group by using the latest technology ...  study smart!!

Although the learn here more enjoy but, many students get an excellent result.  Many students get pointer 3.5 above and also have student get pointer 4.00

Waah ... proof of this?  look at the result of students ... many are able to enter UNIVERSITIES.  Best right?

haa, reverts to the story about Graduation Night.. hehe...

This night  students came up with clothes full of style ...

all looks handsome and beautiful with clothes they wear.

Wahh.. all looks like celebrity… glamour…

In this event there are also have  “cabutan bertuah ” 
suprise ! I got a gift.  Very surprise.

among the  performance  from students

once again I got a gift. Hihi..
Class I won SECOND PLACE in a performance of the drama ...

When open the box of gift there is a piece of paper with the inscription  “ gift to be claimed after this “  haha ... It is very suprise ...   whats give that we can get… ? jeng3… see after this..

the title of the drama we are is ' Cinta Mr. Sakkai Khan ' wahh ... a love story ...  I like ! ...

I am going to make these memories as memories of experiences in my life ...  with memories I will never forget ...

Ok friends .. that’s all for  today..  I stop here story about my experience and moments in form 6.. i apologize if anyone wrong and mistaken.

" memori tercipta " singing songs of shahila special for all my friends and teachers in SMKTAR..


" memori tercipta " singing songs of shahila special for all my friends and teachers in SMKTAR..



  1. suka baca pengalaman form 6 awak ^_^
    salam sayang fillah~

  2. hihik.. terima kasih.uhibbuki fillah ya ukhti..